Top 10 Cricket Players

Glenn McGrath

In justice the ewer, called the bowler, tries to throw the ball past the beater, called the batsman, and hit the stick, hitting one or both of the lower sticks outdoors. This is called” taking the club” and is original to” strike out” in baseball. Championship matches are called” test matches”, and success in these gives a player great prestige. There have been ten extraordinary in history, in justice test matches.
Glenn McGrath, Australia
Because McGrath had further batons than anyone differently, 550, he’s considered the topmost bowler in justice history. He played for 14 times.

Courtney Walsh, West Indies
Walsh successfully played for 17 times and took 519 test clubs. Walsh was 6 bases 6 elevation( 1 m 95 cm) altitudinous and threw with a calm and effective movement.

Wasim Akram, Pakistan
Akram left- handed ewer, was considered the fastest of his time. He made 350 Test sticks, including two triumphs from three Test matches in a row.

Kapil Dev, India
Dev’s character was due to his total commitment to the game. His hitting was exceptional, as was his pitching. Credit to him went for taking over 430 clubs in test matches.
Allan Donald, South Africa
Donald carried the surname” White Lightning”( white lightning) for the speed of his launch, and took 300 sticks in test matches.

Sir Richard Hadlee, New Zealand
Hadlee played for New Zealand for 18 times and took 431 test clubs. In addition to his throwing capability, he was known for his handling, earning a standing of over,000 handling tests.

Jeff Thompson, Australia
Jeff Thompson alarmed opposing blockbuster during his short career. In a sport where an 85 mph( 136 kph) ball is considered presto, Thompson threw blockbuster at 99 mph( 159 kph). He took 200 clubs until his injuries forced him out of the game.

Dennis Lillee, Australia
Lillee’s short temper and his unthinkable pitch bullied opposing blockbuster. He took 350 clubs in test matches.
Michael Holding
Playing for several brigades, bowler and right- handed bowler, he came a justice judge after his career. He took 248 sticks and his surname among his teammates was” Bruiting Death”.

Malcolm Marshall, West Indies
Marshall limited his career with 376 clubs taken. He unfortunately failed of colon cancer at the age of 41. At 5ft 10in( 1m 75 cm), he was small for a fast ewer, but he used his delicacy and cunning to come the stylish of them all.