Remember able Day in the Hisory of Autralia Cricket

Remember able Day in the Hisory of Autralia Cricket

If you are seen, I think the first episode if to grasp only the following incident that became the background of this documentary is made can understand smoothly.

During the third day of the five-day test match between Australia and South America in South Africa, the sandpaper hidden by the Australian fielder was used to sneak the surface of the ball. It is.


Captain Steve Smith and deputy captain David Warner were found to be involved in the breach after the footage was captured by the camera. He was taken down and was suspended for 12 months after the match. . The practitioner, Cameron Bancroft, has been reluctant for nine months for putting instructions into action.

The people’s love for cricket is so strong that Australian fans, who are famous for their aggressive support such as booing for their own players, are furious at this. He bashed the people concerned, saying, “I have polluted my country’s pride.” .”

Also, Australia’s then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared before the media on the day of the incident. He called directly to the president of the Cricket Association and revealed that the incident was a very disappointing event and that strong action should be taken in the future.

Situation Depending:

The conditions of the venue field, especially the pitch (central pitching and batting location), vary. Some are lush and some are dry, and their flatness and hardness vary depending on the stadium. It is difficult for even a skilled bowler to bounce the ball in the desired direction in different conditions each time.

What makes it even more difficult is the shape of the ball.
The cricket ball is sewn in leather and has a protruding shape in the center of the ball.
In the test match, a new ball is used every time the offense and defense change, but the newer the ball , the easier it is to spin and the bounce is more intense, which makes it difficult for the batsman (batter) to hit .


As the game progresses, it will be advantageous for Buttsman as the ball becomes familiar, but in the meantime, pitchers and defenders should keep one side slippery and the other side worn out so that the ball does not slow down. Rub the ball with your hands or uniform .
Even so, it takes time to reach the ideal state, so the captains planned and instructed the new players to use sandpaper to rub .

The story “The Test” depicts the subsequent rebuilding of the team
The Australian national team has sprung up the entire cricket world in a disgraceful incident.
The director will also start a new tough day betting on recovery from there. “The Test” recorded the story of the resurrection over two years. .


“The Test-A New Era of Cricket Australia” Highlights

Many stories are packed in all eight times. Personally, the contents are as follows.

Attention points of The Test
How to improve team power. What is required of a coach (director)
The individuality of each player and the impact of long-term communal living
How to deal with the slump of the player and the judgment of the coach who chooses the player
How to fight a strong team, how to capture a strong player
The mindset you need when you’re losing or winning
The proposition of how people should recover from their mistakes
The fight of the coach who leads the team
Justin Langer was appointed as the coach to lead the team rebuilding .
The team with two star players missing has a lot of challenges both in terms of ability and spirit. Whether it’s training or off-hours activities, coaches strive to improve their team strength by mobilizing everything they can.

At one point, I take the player’s remarks at a meeting that “the coach is too scary to speak” seriously, or devise a plan to convey my intentions to a player who is difficult to handle but has a certain ability. Sometimes you reveal your emotions, sometimes you feel depressed and sometimes you get excited about the hope you see .
It’s not perfect, but a human coach who asks himself how to do it many times and gives answers from time to time. After watching 8 episodes, I noticed that I became a big fan.

Freedom and individuality of the players
Cricket test matches are also famous for their length.
When one game lasts 5 days and is long, 5 games last, so each international game is a long-term expedition of about 3 to 6 weeks .
National team players will be staying in the host country of the match for a long time, such as England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan .

Since we spend a lot of time together, each person’s individuality comes out in how they spend their time.
There are two good friends, there is a player who chases after a strong player and plays the role of the lower end, and there is a single wolf type with a strong ego.
Even if these two people meet each other, they don’t seem to be friends, but because they are a team, they recognize each other’s tastes and are impressed by the process of building a good relationship.

The proposition of how people can recover from their mistakes

Former captain Steve Smith and deputy captain David Warner, who had been dismissed in episodes 7 and 8 of the second half, will return to the team. I couldn’t participate in the practice for a year, so I had my wife throw the ball and practice batting, and I just shook it.
How would I behave in such a case? Such an idea comes to my mind many times .

By the way, the first international match where the two come back is The Ashes, a traditional match between England and Australia that started in 1882, but the booing from the audience to the two is tremendous. The vibration of the air is transmitted to the athlete’s skin .
Please pay attention to what kind of performance the two people who tried to concentrate on themselves calmly and calmly.
Athletes’ depth of concentration and how to overcome pressure. They can be shown to be extraordinary . As the same person, I felt like I was asked, “How did you perceive this person?”

Final words:

Watching the drama behind it, which I couldn’t imagine just by watching the cricket match, people may be watching sports while chasing such a story, not to mention the players, to the fans. On the other hand, it was a work that I remembered with respect. It is a series that encourages you when you are at a loss, even if you are not interested in sports in the actual game. Please take a look if you have time.