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India is the second most populous country with a population of 1.27 billion. And these people are infected with cricket fever, especially IPL. Yes, cricket is the most popular sport in India and is watched, played and watched by millions of people. From the kids who play cricket in your area to the Indian national cricket team, everyone is fascinated by the beauty of this game.

Cricket is the favorite sport of many children and currently the IPL (Indian Premier League) is reaching out to the population of India. Consequently, students in schools must write essays on cricket and IPL. So, we thought why we are not giving you all the information you need about the IPL. In this article, we have provided you with information such as what is an IPL? Why do Indians love cricket and IPL? How does IPL work? What are betting and match fixing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of IPL? The role of the IPL in finding new talent, the history of the IPL and where IPL is a blessing or a curse.

Indian Premier League Indian Cricket League

This information will help you write the perfect essay and speak on topics such as IPL and others such as Essay on the Role of the IPL in Seeking New Talent, Essay on My Favorite Game, Essay on IPL History, Essay on Betting, Negotiated matches and directions in the IPL and many other similar topics. Let’s start.


Introduction to Cricket and IPL (Indian Premier League)

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, played with equipment such as balls, pillows, bats, stumps, hatches, etc. Each team had fifteen people, only eleven of them were represented on the field, and the rest did not participate in any way, even in a hurry.

Cricket is played by almost 120 million people in the world, which is why it is known as the second most popular sport in the world. There used to be 50 long matches and people used to watch the whole match on TV. However, the IPL now dominated the cricket industry and captured the heart of many lives because each match consisted of only 20 overs, making it easier for almost everyone to watch the game.


Why do Indians love cricket and IPL?
There are many people in India who like to watch cricket matches all day. The real reason for this increased interest is not given because everyone in India watches matches for a different purpose. This is why people love cricket and IPL:

Hobbies: Some people truly love this game from the bottom of their hearts, because sometimes they see themselves as their favorite batsman or archer.
Timing: IPL is easy to watch and most noticeable.
Peer Pressure: Sometimes people watch cricket because their friends watched the last batsman hitting the last ball to win the entire match.
Money: Most people are waiting for the next match to place a bet and win money.

History of the IPL Cricket (Indian Premier League)
IPL was founded in 2007. Zee Entertainment Enterprises raised the money, but the BCCI (Indian Cricket Commission) or ICC (International Cricket Commission) did not recognize the ICL (Indian Cricket Association). One of the main reasons for this resistance is that the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce disliked the committee members who became the ICL Executive Board. The BCCI has used various tactics to prevent players from playing the ICL.

They began awarding high prizes in their national leagues, as well as imposing life restrictions on players who played in the ICL, which the board later described as a rebel league. The BCCI then announced the launch of the T-20 cricket competition, which is today known as the IPL. It has been said that Lalit Modi is the real mastermind behind the IPL. Lalit Moody said it took two years for the idea to work. On January 24, 2008, an auction took place where all franchises were sold for $ 723.59 million.


IPL concept – how does it work?
The IPL is considered to be the richest cricket league in the world and thanks to this we can say that money is the main reason for IPL. Too much money goes in or out, legal or illegal. The teams are made by auction. Although politicians use the IPL, it also provides a platform for young people from small towns to showcase their cricket talents so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams the way they have always wanted.

The IPL format is not very complicated; Each team plays 14 matches at or outside their home stadium. The four teams that survived advance to the semi-finals. Now the four teams play each other separately and the two teams advance to the final. The final match between the last remaining line-ups determines who will be the winner of the tournament.


IPL auctions
Teams are formed in an auction in which each franchise is offered to players who want to see them on their team. However, there are some exceptions when choosing a player to bet. Typically, each actor applies only once per player. All players are divided into roles. Auctioneers usually announce the names of the players and the team starts bidding on them.

The franchise places bets on its players based on their base rates, but if no one places bets on a player, they won’t be sold. Finally, the top eight applications were accepted. These competitions are held annually in April and May. Another type of auction is known as a reverse bid auction. In reverse bidding, the base price is set at Rs 40 crores, the franchise rate is less than the base price to win the auction. The franchise is the lowest possible rate, and the lowest rate wins the player.



Is IPL a threat to Indian cricket? | Advantages and Disadvantages of IPL (Indian Premier League)

We cannot say that the IPL is solely responsible for all the extraordinary actions that take place in the country, because people always find a loophole to do what they want. The IPL provides an excellent platform for young people to showcase their talents and achieve their positions in the international cricket team. The IPL encourages sports students to focus on games as it proves that even a small town resident can play as a team.

One of the best examples of this statement is Mansour Dar, a man who was once an actor and then suddenly became an IPL player. Another important feature of the IPL is that it also brings the people of the nation together and brings them together. If we take into account the terrifying aspect of the IPL, we see things like match fixing, scoring and betting. The IPL also ensures that we don’t get players like Tendulkar, Dravid, Dhoni, etc., because most players are not working on their technology because the IPL does not require it. IPL cannot be a complete blessing and cannot be a curse.

Ten years later, many people still put their hearts and souls into watching IPL events every year. Some bad politicians are playing their terrible games to destabilize the purity of cricket, but one day our young people will be smart enough to handle them. What’s more, the most impressive feature of the IPL is bringing people together. As you know, unity is strength. This unity has made cricket one of the most popular sports in the world.

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