Cricket has been played in Australia for over 200 years. The first official game took place back in 1803, therefore, and the first decades of the 19th century, the popularity of cricket only increased. Many Australian cricket clubs date back to this time.

Public opinion speaks about the popularity of cricket in the country. According to the survey, 59% of the country’s inhabitants are interested in cricket. If we draw analogies, then we can confidently say that the popularity of cricket in Australia is not lower than the popularity of hockey in Russia.

Despite the high popularity of cricket, a truly professional cricket league in Australia appeared only in 2011 (Big Bash League). The average tournament attendance is about 30 thousand fans per match. According to this indicator, the Big Bash League is among the ten most-visited sports leagues in the world. In playoff games, up to 50 thousand people often come to the match, and the average TV audience of matches exceeds 1 million viewers.

The most titled teams of the tournament (since the 2011-12 season):
Perth Scorchers – 3 wins
Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder, and Brisbane – 1 win each


Tournament format


The tournament runs from mid-December to late January. Only 8 clubs participate in the competition, to which the league has issued franchises. All teams have permanent places in the league, but in theory, the tournament can expand due to the admission of new participants to Big Bash.

At the first stage of the tournament, teams play in one round, but after that one additional round is held. In the eighth round, the teams face off against an opponent who does not change from year to year. The home teams for this round are drawn by lot. According to the results of the first stage, the 4 best teams qualify for the playoff semi-finals. The first team of the standings is on the fourth, and the second on the third. The finalists of the tournament are determined in one game. Thus, only 35 games are played in the tournament per season (32 in the regular season and 3 more games in the playoffs).

Features of the Championship Winners Team with Medals and Cup

Sydney and Melbourne each have two teams in the league. To raise interest in the matches of the tournament, the organizers put Melbourne and Sydney clubs as rivals to each other. Thus, fans of the league have at least two derbies in Sydney and Melbourne each season. These are some of the most interesting confrontations of the tournament. Also, do not forget about the rivalry between the two cities, so the intensity is also present at the matches where the teams of the “two capitals” of Australia meet.

Bookmaker Pinnacle Sports accepts bets on league matches with 2% margin. If you bet in different offices, then there will be practically no margin. The best line for Big Bash League matches is offered by William Hill, Bet365, and 188Bet.

The league’s official website is at. Other information about tournaments can be found on Australian sports resources. The championship games are broadcasted by Fox Sports, Australia, Sky Sports in New Zealand, and BT Sports in the UK.

Winner Betting

Championship Winner Odds

Over the past 6 seasons, since the formation of the Big Bash League, each of the tournament participants advanced to the playoff round, and five of the eight teams reached the playoff final. At least 2 dozen bookmakers accept bets on the winner of the tournament, on the finalists of the playoffs, and on the teams reaching the semifinals of the tournament.

Due to the small number of participants, it is not so difficult to predict the winner of the tournament, but the bookmaker’s odds are not very high for this market. The most confident team in the league is Perth Scorchers. She has always overcome the group round and made it to the playoffs. Over the past 5 seasons, the team has 4 qualifications to the final of the playoffs (including 2 victories). In 1xBet, you can bet on the success of a team with odds of 5.50.

The Melbourne Stars team is also performing well (coefficient 5.50 for a win). Although the club does not yet have victories in the tournament, most likely they are not far off. Over the past 5 seasons, the team has consistently reached the playoffs, and in the 2015-16 season, it stopped one step away from gold medals.

Other Big Bash league teams have not been consistently successful. The winner of the tournament in the 20012-13 season, Brisbane (8.50) in the last 3 seasons has not risen above the fifth position in the standings, and last year’s winner Sydney Thunder (6.50) had been listed among the outsiders of the tournament for four years. As you can see, the position of the teams in the league is very unstable, and after a successful season, the team may show a negative result, exactly the same as vice versa. In general, the gap in odds between leaders and outsiders is not high.


The Big Bash League is one of the strongest club cricket tournaments in the world. All fans of this sport must watch the Big Bash League. Successful betting on league matches, however, will not be easy. This is due to the short season, which does not allow bettors to find profitable trends in the line. The only thing that players can “catch on” is for the great excitement of Australian bettors, who can provoke significant changes in the odds in the line with their bets.