India the most cricket country in the world

India the most cricket country in the world

Currently, India is the most popular country in the world for cricket. It may have a large population from the beginning, but it is also a big reason that it was once a British territory. This time, we focused on the sponsor companies that support the cricket market in India, the world’s largest cricket powerhouse.

India, the most cricket country in the world

The birthplace of cricket is England (England). Britain during the former British Empire spread cricket to colonies and territories.
India, the most cricket-rich country in the world today, was once a British colony. Currently, India is said to be the country with the largest cricket population in the world.
Cricket can be made quickly with balls and boards, and there is no need for a well-maintained stadium, which is one of the reasons why it became widespread in India, where there are many poor people.

Global companies pay attention to Indian cricket!

Global companies are sponsoring the Indian cricket market. For example, PepsiCo, the manufacturer of PepsiCo, has become the main sponsor of India’s largest cricket league, the Indian Premier League.
With a five-year contract from 2013, the sponsorship fee is 3.96 billion rupees (about 6 billion yen, 1.2 billion yen per year). It is said that Japanese professional baseball uniform sponsors are about 200 million yen a year in the most prominent part of the chest, so you can see that the sponsorship fee paid by PepsiCo is quite high.

companies aggressively entering the Indian cricket world

Many companies also sponsor Indian cricket.
Companies with the top share in the local automobile industry, such as Suzuki and Honda, are taking the lead in sponsoring the cricket league in India. In August 2016, a Sony affiliate acquired an Indian television network.
It is said that this is due to the huge amount of sponsorship income expected in the future by acquiring the broadcasting rights of cricket, which is said to have the largest number of viewers in India.

Local companies also support the cricket world with all their might!

Not only American and Japanese companies but also local companies are actively investing in cricket in India as sponsors.
Before PepsiCo became the main sponsor of the Premier League in 2013, Indian real estate developer DLF was the main sponsor of the league since its inception. The sponsorship fee is 2 billion rupees (about 3.6 billion yen). Considering the prices in India, the sponsorship fee of 3.6 billion yen can be said to be several times the face value.
In addition, Indian mobile phone equipment manufacturer “Micromax” is also the main sponsor of the national team. The contract is to pay 22 million rupees (about 39.6 million yen) per game as a sponsor fee, which shows the high expectations for the national team.

What is the sponsorship income of the top Indian players?

Sachin Tendulkar, the best star in the Indian cricket world, earned $ 18.6 million in 2012, the year before his retirement (about 1.9 billion yen for 100 yen per dollar). Of that amount, the annual salary received from the team is $ 2.1 million, while the sponsorship income is $ 16.5 million, which is the majority of the sponsorship income.
This is proof that Tendulkar is a top professional athlete. Top professional athletes are moving advertising towers, and signing sponsorship contracts with top athletes to spread the name of the company has a tremendous advertising effect.
After retiring from Tendulkar, the top star in the Indian cricket world was Mahendra Singh Doni, who is also the captain of the national team.
Mahendra’s income in 2015 was close to 4 billion yen, and most of it is sponsor income. The starting salary for university graduates in India in 2015 was 400 dollars (about 40,000 yen), which is equivalent to 20 billion yen, considering that it is 1/5 of Japan. India’s cricket world, like boxing and F1 racing, is an industry with huge sponsor money.


You can see that there is a huge sponsor market behind the world’s most exciting cricket world. Cricket, one of the three most popular sports in the world among professional sports, can be said to be a good place for promotion for companies.
Before the start of this season of the popular Indian sport, Cricket’s professional league, the sponsor Chinese smartphone giant vivo was forced to cancel without waiting for the contract period to expire. .. The background is anti-Chinese sentiment within India, which has been heightened by the military clash at the border disputed area in northern India.